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Is your car a bit dirty? Treat your car and have it shining like new. Bucky's Car Wash is dedicated to helping you with multiple locations in the Dever Colorado Area. Our washes have been featured in Car Wash Magazine and our owners are certified by the Car Wash College. We'll have your car looking beautiful in no time because we are “Really Clean. Really Dry. Really Fast... Really!”

Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Our car wash is a proud member of the Water Savers Club. We are committed to doing our part in helping the environment, which is why we recycle and reuse approximately 75% of the water used at our locations. We take great pride in not only being kind and friendly to our customers but to the earth as well! 

Why Choose Bucky's Car Wash

What sets Bucky's Car Wash apart from the rest is our commitment to providing you a quick consistent clean. Our wash gives you a superior clean and we can do this in about three minutes time. Throughout the entire process you never even need to leave your vehicle. We offer many different options for you to choose from and free vacuums all day every day. Above all else, at Bucky's Car Wash we make sure to live by our motto "Really Clean. Really Dry. Really Fast... Really!"

Have More Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding our car wash company, please give us a call! You can reach us at (303) 284 - 4012 or email

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